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The OG fitsPRO

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  • Annie Miller

    Annie Miller

    Owner at Annie Miller Concepts

    I am not your average fitspo, and I don't think you are either. I am the fitsPRO, a fitpreneur - strength coach meets entrepreneur. After changing course from college strength and performance coach to personal training, I found my calling in the online world of health and fitness. Writing programs and educating is my expertise, and my reach is far wider via the world wide web than cooped up in a gym. Education and authenticity are at the center of Annie Miller Concepts [two things I saw a shortage of in the online space]. So, here I am, inspiring women to learn as they train without asking them to figure it all out for themselves. I don't think there is ONE WAY to success, ONE WAY to do fitness, or ONE WAY to run a business. My aim is to share my four years of fitpreneur experience [good and bad] so that you can expedite your business building process. Through FitsPRO Foundations I provide the structure you need to find your OWN style, niche, impact and success. Because you should always do you boo.